Window Pane Memories

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We’ve been in a holding pattern for some time now, waiting for a weather related electric cell to clear off the airport in Dallas, TX. Apparently, it’s not happening, so we are going to land at Alliance airport nearby, fuel up, and wait it out. Once the cell leaves the area we can move in to Dallas.

My connecting flight to Madrid doesn’t leave for about three hours, but there’s no telling how long this could take. Of course,

if I’m late to Madrid, I’ll be late to Pamplona and I’ll miss my bus to St. Jean. Not to worry, though, because my second CouchSurfing connection is in Pamplona, so I may have a place to stay if I get in late. I can also look at renting a taxi to get to St. Jean, I think. I was reading about pilgrims sharing taxi fares to reach St. Jean. I just hope ALSA Bus Service will refund my ticket if I miss the bus.

I like flying. I like the neon lights in the Chicago airport tunnel. The carpet pattern in Pheonix is familiar, like going downstairs into the family den. And I like how small and efficient the Spokane airport is.

I remember going to Mexico with my youth group back in the day, and on the way home our youth leaders missed the flight because they were returning the rental van! As boarding started my friends began to get excited and nervouse not knowing what to do. Should we all stay and wait for them? “No way!” I said. It would be much easier to reschedule two adult tickets than it woul be to reschedule and entire youth group. Parents would be freaking out, and besides this was old hat for me, so I led everyone onto the plane and took us home. I can’t recall for sure, but I think we had to go through Chicago then too.



We finally got rolling. Apparently, Dallas was completely shut down with no flights in or out, so our connecting flights were delayed, too. My flight to Madrid is bumped out to 9:00 PM. Guess we’ll see what happens with Pamplona and getting to St. Jean once we get there!

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