Riding Raw Across America in 20 Days

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Can you imagine biking across the United States? Can you imagine doing it in 20 days? Can you imagine doing it in 20 days on a raw, vegan diet?

That’s what Carson was doing when he and Jackson (his support car driver) messaged me on CouchSurfing.org asking for a place to stay. We scrambled to make room for them, and I’m so glad we did. I love a good story, and these two had a fun one!

This wasn’t Carson’s first stunt. Back in 2013 he switched to a whole food plant based diet, completed his first ultra marathon in 2014, and then, in 2016, he cycled across Canada in 30 days. Now he’s aiming to set two new records for the fastest vegan and raw vegan to cycle across America.

He’s #RidingRawAcrossAmerica to raise $25,000 for two North American charities: Athletics 4 Kids in BC, Canada, and Two Wheel View in Minnesota, USA. You can find Carson on Facebook and Instagram using #RidingRawAcrossAmerica and #RRAA2017. You can support him through Crowd Rise here.

Carson had been biking hard for three days when he reached my place in North Idaho, and he was beat. When he had trouble standing up at one point, he decided a rest day was in order. “Don’t kid yourself,” Jackson told him over dinner (the biggest bowl of salad I’d ever seen a human eat), “what you’re doing to your body is not healthy.”

Fortunately, they’d caught me on a day off, so I just told them to stay another night! It sure beat sleeping in a field somewhere!

While Carson slept, Jackson and I traded stories about travel and media production while getting some much needed computer work done. In the afternoon, we played disc golf in the backyard, bathed the dogs, then took Jackson’s drone out for a flight while the kids played on the playground.

This is what I love about CouchSurfing.

It’s not just a cheap way to travel. It’s a rich way to experience each other’s worlds. It creates an environment of openness and sharing that almost insists on a natural flow of ideas and perspectives. We CouchSurf because we want to experience our travels on the ground level where life is really happening. And we host because we want to share in the adventure of travel and be a part of the greater story.

You can follow Jackson and Carson’s adventure on Jackson’s YouTube channel: Plantriotic. For our little chapter in their adventure, check out their Day 3 Video, and their Rest Day video. And if you happen to be passing by on your adventure, hit us up on CouchSurfing.org for a warm shower and an air mattress. You can even drag the air mat out onto our back deck like Carson did!

The only thing we ask is that you share your story.

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