Packing up and Heading Out

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Here’s the spread, one month of supplies. Is it enough? I love the Jedidiah shirts! The blue one that says, “We are made for more. Seek truth,” will be the one I give away. It’s my favorite, but it’s too small, which makes it “fitting” that that’s the one I’ll give away. (Get it? It’s too small so it’s “fitting” to give away?) The Jedidiah bag contains extra stickers they gave me to hand out.

Pretty cool stuff. I don’t know how I’m going to hand them out, if I’ll try to use them as conversation starters or if I’ll be more likely to give them away to people who I get to talk with about Jedidiah. Most likely the latter, eh?
Here’s the finished product, all packed up and ready to roll! Can you believe it? I’m actually doing this!


2 Responses

  1. Amanda

    Stay safe and I hope this adventure turns out to be all you need and more.

  2. Dee Jakes

    So proud of you Todd. Look for me in air space of your backpack!!! XO

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