Culture On The Way

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What started as a CouchSurfing request became a storytelling adventure. When I missed my bus out of Pamplona, Adriana and Mathilde rescued me and gave me a personal tour of the town. Merve sweet talked an hospitalera into refunding my money so I could stay with her team mates and do the interviews. Kristi was an exceptional host in Santiago, helping me plan my day trip to Finisterre and giving me a place to stay. And Steff let me wear her pants. Now that’s service. Being able to tell a part of their story added a whole new element to my Camino, and I am thankful to have had something to contribute, a way to give back.

Culture on the Way is a team of EVS volunteers serving in albergues, info booths, public libraries, and more helping Pilgrims with directions, maps, passports, etc. If this video inspires you to get involved, either as a volunteer or as a host like Kristi, you can learn more about the European Volunteer Service program here. I’d also love to hear about similar programs here in the States. Check out Culture on the Way’s Facebook page to see what else they have been up to.


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