Couch Cushions & Tree Stumps

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While hiking El Camino de Santiago in Spain, I had the opportunity to interview European Volunteer Service reps who were serving pilgrims along the Camino. This opportunity came up through connections on, but Spain wasn’t the first time I’d interviewed CouchSurfers.

Back in 2012 I did a road trip to Neah Bay, WA, the most northwest corner of the lower United States. I used the opportunity to shoot a CouchSurfing documentary, interviewing CouchSurfers along the way. My goal was to introduce CouchSurfing to a wider audience and to discover the cross-roads of travel and community.

That project sat unfinished on my hard drive for four years.

Change and new beginnings are exciting for me. I thrill at the journey more than the destination, so it’s easy for me to forget how important it is to finish what I start, and to finish strong. Maybe I’m just getting older, or maybe it’s because I recently became a father, but I’m starting to realize that leaving a string of unfinished projects (or relationships) in my wake is not just a character trait, it is destruction. Finishing strong is what allows me to move on.

Reviving this project is my way of recognizing this truth. I hope you enjoy it!


Remembering the Journey – Just click a picture below to open the gallery in a viewer.

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  1. Sande

    really cool, great pictures

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