Carrying the Message of Hope

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When I partnered with Made For Good Clothing (read the interview here), they were generous enough to send me some shirts to help spread the word about their Jedidiah brand and their Widows and Orphans Fund. So I have two shirts to hike in, one for the evenings, and one to give away.

Alice hails from England and has traveled to Mexico and France for volunteer services. She also spent some time living and studying in Spain. Along the way she mentioned needing an extra shirt, especially when she got cold at night, so I thought it fitting to pass along the Jedidiah shirt to her. I told her that I hoped its message, and the example of the company, would inspire her future travels.

I absolutely love the message on this shirt, “We are made for more. Seek truth.” I believe that it is in the pursuit of truth that we will find unity and meaning. It is the pursuit of truth that compels me to be more than I am today, to continue growing and learning.


3 Responses

  1. Amanda

    Great choice! 🙂

  2. Dee Jakes

    God makes His will pretty obvious sometimes doesn’t He?! I’m glad you know the Truth Todd & you are sharing it along the way…!

    • TJHolcomb

      Aunt Dee, I really appreciate you following along, and your words of encouragement. I am so blessed to be doing this!

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