335 Kilometers and No Blisters!

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Just a quick shout out while I have spotty internet to let everyone know that I am alive and well! I hiked 38k today from Rabé to Itero de la Vega. It wasn’t exactly intentional, but that extra 12k is what I get for sitting down to have a beer instead of getting on with registering at the albergue! The truth is

I had intended on walking past Castrojeriz because it was only 1:00pm when I arrived, but then I heard how far the next available albergue was! Unfortunately, by then the two in Castrojeriz had already filled up, so off I went.

Now I’m all settled in with a full belly in la albergue de La Mancha in Itero de la Vega. Tomorrow should be an easier day since I have to stop in Frómista for an EVS interview. If I press on after the interview, it’ll probably be a 20 kilometer day. Or 36 if I’m feeling good and want to press on.

I climbed a ridge today and got to look back on Castrojeriz:

Here’s looking forward from the other side of the ridge:

At this point I’m looking at about 425 kilometers to Santiago de Compestella. My goal is to be pushing 30k days to make sure I get there on time, without having to reschedule my train, plane, and work back home. Today’s push has put me slightly ahead of schedule.


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  1. Amanda

    It’s beautiful! You’re making great time! Keep it up! So proud of you!

  2. Dee Jakes

    Awesome pix! You definitely are on a journey of a life time sweetie!!
    You’re going to make it!!!

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