Jedidiah ~ Beloved of Jehovah

Theosis ~ Being Transformed By That Love


Jedidiah’s Journey is an exploration into this Theosis Life, learning what it means to be loved by God and letting that love transform us.


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"Becoming the Beloved is the great spiritual journey we have to make." ~ Henri Nouwen

From the Journal

Is God Only as Faithful as I am Responsible?
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Remember those televangelists from the 80’s who claimed God would fulfill your every need and desire if you just believed enough? My mom hated that message. She would often point to Jesus’ words in Matthew 17:20 about how all you … Read More

Finding Rest in the Working Out of Our Salvation
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The core belief motivating my current journey is that God won’t do the work for me. This feels like a lack of faith in God because for so long I believed that He would be at work within me making … Read More

Pushing on Boulders for God
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I used to tell a story when I was younger. A simple story I’d heard about having faith in the seemingly random will of God. As the story goes… A young man asks God how he can serve Him. In … Read More

Growing Souls Like Trees A guest post from Clearwater Trekker
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Mel and I sat beside her tent, listening to the roar of the Grey Wolf River and talking about our work as wilderness therapy field guides. It had been a rough shift with hike strikes, unmedicated ADHD, and struggling new … Read More

The Fear of Death and the Way of Spirit Contemplating a Relationship with the Divine
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My religious upbringing taught me that the purpose of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and resurrection from the grave was, through propitiation, to make a personal relationship with the Divine Father possible for me. All I had to do was … Read More

On Journey Together Seeking the Sacred in our Secular Lives
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It didn’t work. Henri set out to write a book that would inspire a true desire in his friend, Fred, to pursue the spiritual life, but Fred kindly explained that he had failed to do so. While he wrote beautifully … Read More