Jedidiah ~ Beloved of Jehovah

Theosis ~ Being Transformed By That Love


Jedidiah’s Journey is an exploration into this Theosis Life, learning what it means to be loved by God and letting that love transform us.


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"Becoming the Beloved is the great spiritual journey we have to make." ~ Henri Nouwen

From the Journal

Seeking Love without Fear
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A year ago, in May of 2019, I participated in an Illuman MROP (Men’s Rite of Passage) in Washington. In the course of that experience, I recognized my name and truth. “I AM Jedidiah, Beloved of Jehovah,” I wrote in … Read More

In Pursuit of a Meaningful Life of Adventure Introducing Adam Asher and The Edge of Adventure
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Once upon a time, before YouTube was a thing, I dreamt of traveling the world as a videographer for missionaries. It was a fantastic dream. The idea was to collaborate with several churches in the area so they could team … Read More

A Place in the Scheme of Things
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*Originally published on   “To be at home is to have a place in the scheme of things — a place where we are comfortable; know that we belong; can be who we are; and can honor, protect, and … Read More

Seeking the Key to Transformation
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*Originally published on On El Camino de Santiago in Spain, they would say, “Your pilgrimage begins when your Camino ends.” I didn’t fully understand the saying, because this was supposed to be my pilgrimage. This waking and hiking, eating … Read More

Exploring the Edge of the Map
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*Originally published on   Why do we go into the wilderness to do therapy and create rites of passage? Because the wilderness has a way of taking us to the edge of our maps, just beyond our comfort zones … Read More

A Walk in the Woods
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*Originally published on Once upon a time, I went for a walk in the woods with brooding thoughts clouding my mind. Moss clung heavily to tree branches where no leaves grew. Broken snags were bored with holes where birds … Read More